(Early Bird) Welcome Drink + Swedish/Aroma Full Body Massage (60min) + Shower + Herbal Tea Rs.2,200 par Rs.899

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Spa Manthan

Do something for yourself that your future self will thank you for! Spend some quality time on yourself at #Spa Manthan. #Spa Manthan is a full-service spa with experienced therapists who give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. They offer a range of services designed to help you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. So regroup your thoughts and enjoy an array of pampering services at #Spa Manthan.

A good massage is truly a treat and offers many , but as you’ve noted, massage places tend to offer lots of options on their services menus. In fact, there are over 200 different , all treating different needs and providing various benefits. Let’s break it down. Here are nine of the most popular types of #massages and when you might want to choose them.

Massages for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Some massages are more soothing than others, leaving you feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a cloud and the “reset” button pressed on your body.


Swedish Massage

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This is the most common type of massage therapy, and what many people are thinking about when they hear the word “massage” or try to give someone else or themselves good #massage. Swedish #massage uses a combination of these basic movements.

Giving a Better Partner Massage

Use your body weight so you don’t get tired. One of the biggest complaints Michele says she hears from clients is that their partners only massage them for a few minutes and stop because their hands or arms hurt—that’s that fatigue you mentioned, and it most likely has to do with your positioning. Good massage is less about your grip and more about your stance and the use of gravity.

So rather than trying to #massage your partner when she’s standing next to you or sitting beside you on the couch, have her sit on the floor on a pillow while you sit on the couch or in a chair while you stand behind her. She could also lie on the floor on some blankets or a mat, but when sitting she can get some extra stretching in by leaning forward as you massage her back.

Don’t forget the oil. To prevent uncomfortable friction and help your hands glide easily, use some lotion or a little bit of olive oil when massaging. Don’t just pour it on her back, though, like she’s a salad. Use the oil on your own hands and warm them up.

Do no harm. Avoid pinching or grabbing muscles. You can prevent this by keeping your fingers together and using your whole hand in the #massage. Michele likens massaging to sculpting: When working with clay, you need to spend some time softening it at first. Likewise with a massage, use soft strokes to warm up the muscles before you try to knead them.

At the start, ask if the pressure is enough. She should feel pressure, but not pain. Adjust as needed: If she wants a deeper massage, lean in further, using your body weight. You can also use your knuckles to target really stiff muscles.

The Massage for Dummies book has a cheat sheet for giving a massage, including vulnerable areas of the body you should stay away from, which include the front of the neck, upper inner arm, and abdomen.

How to massage the neck and shoulders: Make a soft (loose) fist and use the base of your hand to apply pressure on her left shoulder, running your hand up the side of her neck until you get to the base of her skull, then go back down. Without breaking contact, repeat on the other side. Do this a couple of times.

Giving a Better Self Massage

Michele offered several tricks for getting rid of tension and massaging your own muscles.

Shoulders: Use the hand opposite the shoulder you want to work on (e.g., your right hand to #massage your left shoulder) and bring it across to your shoulder. Gently press into the shoulder and run your thumb up against the neck. Repeat on the other side. Go ahead and try this now. Ahhhh…

Hands: Okay, now go get a pencil with an eraser. With your palm turned up, press the eraser into the fleshy parts of your hand (especially the thumb pad), moving in circles and going deeper as needed. The reason why the soft pencil eraser is better than just using your hand, by the way, is because your brain can confuse the signals when it feels sensations in both hands, Michele said.


One technique for relieving wrist pain is to push your hand back towards your elbow. You should do this several times a day and also stretch out your hand and fingers on your massage breaks.

Back: Those therapy balls or exercise balls are great for massaging your back. Lie on one and just roll around; this is great for aligning the spine. If you don’t have an exercise ball, this BodyBack Buddy is an awesome tool for deep tissue massage on hard-to-reach muscles.

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(Early Bird) Welcome Drink + Swedish/Aroma Full Body Massage (60min) + Shower + Herbal Tea Rs.2,200 par Rs.899
(Early Bird) Welcome Drink + Swedish/Aroma Full Body Massage (60min) + Shower…
(Early Bird) Welcome Drink + Swedish/Aroma Full Body Massage (60min) + Shower + Herbal Tea Rs.2,200 par Rs.899
(Early Bird) Welcome Drink + Swedish/Aroma Full Body Massage (60min) + Shower…

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